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How long does it take to manufacture and install an awning?

The awning is a custom-manufactured product; there isn’t a lead time for quality work. Generally speaking, a canvas awning can be manufactured and installed in 4 weeks. Of course, this varies depending on time of year. Summer is typically our busiest time of the year, so it is not unusual for this lead time to run longer.

Will awnings reduce my air-conditioning costs?

Yes, awnings conserve energy by shading windows and reducing indoor temperatures.

Can I have lettering placed on any awning?

Yes, the placement of lettering or graphics on your awning will provide identification for your business in place of a sign. The type of lettering would depend on the type of fabric.

What kind of awning styles can I choose from?

Awnings come in a variety of styles or types. We specialize in Retractable Awnings, Retractable Window Awnings, Rolling Drop Shades, Exterior Solar Screens, Stationary Fixed Awnings, Canopies, Commercial Awnings, and Awning Graphics. Please refer to the photo gallery for a sampling of the many different shapes and sizes we offer.

Does my awning come with a warranty?

Awning fabrics are warranted for a period of 5 years or more based on the fabric manufacturer’s warranty. We offer many colors to choose from including solids and stripes.

What are the metal frames made from?

The metal frames that support your awning are made from galvanized aluminum and will last a lifetime. Frames are also available with a painted finish to match any décor.