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Deck Covers

Deck Covers: What are they good for?

deck coversSay it’s it’s raining, but the game is on and you’re determined to grill. You need protection from the downpour while you’re sizzling your steaks, and an umbrella’s just not going to cut it anymore

Or say it’s hot and sunny out. The Illinois heat is beating on your back and on the necks of all your party guests. Instead of enjoying a relaxing barbeque out on your deck, everyone’s sweating through their clothes. You need shade.

In both cases, a deck cover is the perfect solution to your dilemma. With a deck cover, you can get all the shade and protection you desire. At the same time, your outdoor space jumps up a level in class if only because deck covers are pleasing to the eye.

Because of these things, a deck cover makes your deck a friendlier place for people to be. It’s more welcoming and inviting not only for you, but also for your family and guests.

Choosing your deck cover

At Peoria Awning, we like to give our customers options. Your personal taste is important to us. You want something unique and we can craft it for you. You pick what style and materials you want in a deck cover and we tailor it to fit your deck. Contact us for a consultation today!

Trust Peoria Awning for your deck cover

deck coversMaybe you’re thinking of getting a deck cover but you’re worried about the cost of covering your deck. Allow us to clear up your worries: Peoria Awning provides customers with free in-home estimates so you know beforehand exactly how much your project would cost.

Peoria Awning covers the following areas: Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington/Normal, Galesburg, Canton, Macomb, Pontiac, and Lincoln. If you’re thinking of purchasing a deck cover, look no further than Peoria Awning. Our service and selection of styles and materials are unbeatable. Contact us today! 309-674-1128.