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Choosing a Carport

Your vehicle needs shelter, just like you do. It’s an important investment for your car and for your own life. Exposing your car to the elements could not only damage your precious means of transportation; it could also make life more of a hassle for you.

Why get a carport?

Let’s face it: Illinois weather can be pretty harsh on your car in any season. Think of those unbearably hot summer days when your car has been sitting in the sun and your metal seatbelt feels worse than a branding iron on your skin. A shady carport would block the worst of that heat and keep your car from feeling like a sauna.

carportOr consider in the winter how it takes forever to dig through a pile of snow to get to your car, only to realize there’s a layer of ice caked on beneath it. A carport would block the snow from piling on your car and forming ice sheets. This means you get to work faster without having to dance and scrape around outside until your windshield defrosts.

Or think of fall or spring, when it’s raining hard and you need to make that dash from the car door to the front door, with groceries in hand. Nobody wants to get soaked. That’s where a carport can make your life easier.

Who needs a carport?carport

Carports are a great idea for people who want to protect their cars, but don’t have a garage. This immediately adds value to a home. However, even people who already have garages can benefit from a carport. Plenty of people use their garages as storage space and never end up putting their car in its proper home. Others have multiple cars and cannot fit them all inside their garage. In any case, a carport is a good investment.


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