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Boat Covers

boat coversHave you left your boat exposed to the elements? Whether with sun, rain or snow, Mother Nature has a way of wearing down your boat—both on the exterior and interior of your craft. That’s why many boat owners decide to get boat covers for their vessels. If you would like to cut down on maintenance risks or repairs, boat covers may be an appropriate solution for your watercraft. In winter, properly fitted boat covers can even increase the longevity of your boat by up to 30 percent!


Benefits of Boat Covers

Boat owners rely on boat covers for many reasons. See what boat covers can do for your vessel!

  • Keep the boat clean and bug free.
  • Prevent scratches, dents and mold.
  • Prevent fading or cracking from sun.
  • Ensure animals do not enter.
  • Discourage casual theft of electronics, outboards or outdrives.
  • Ensure a higher resale value.
  • Provide shade from the sun or protection from rain.

Custom Covers

boat coversAt Peoria Awning, we like to give you options. Obviously, boat covers must be properly fitted. But size is not the only thing we mean by “custom” covers. We love to give you the opportunity to choose whatever style or color you prefer. So say your boat has a sunny yellow stripe circling your boat. We can match the color of your cover to that stripe so your boat pops, even in the off-season. Or perhaps you would like a transparent cover to keep over your boat as you cruise through the damp morning mists? We can tailor your boat covers to suit your needs and personal tastes.

Pontoon Boat Covers

You are going out for a day of fishing. You’ve packed a lunch and you know you’ll be out on the water all afternoon. While it’s a beautiful day, the sun starts beating down a bit too much for your liking. That’s where pontoon boat covers come in handy. You get the shade you want without having to compromise at all on the style of your boat.

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