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At Peoria Awning, it’s our job to make sure you’re covered. We are your awning experts. It’s in our name and our company’s DNA. We’ve provided our customers with excellent awnings, both commercial and residential, since 1893. That’s over 120 years of unbeatable selection, top-notch styles and quality products and installation. We have a proud heritage of providing our customers with the best awnings around.

Design your awning!

With Peoria Awning, we like to give you choices. We want to let our customers have free reign. We never want you to feel like you’re purchasing a cookie-cutter awning. That’s why we provide you with a vast selection of choices in regards to style, color, material and permanence:

1) Pick your style.

This is the first step in crafting your awning. Whether you want to choose one of the 9 traditional awning types we have, or whether you’d like to craft your own design, we’re happy to help! Our team at Peoria Awning is equipped to design custom awnings that suit your needs.

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awnings style8    style6          style5

style4             style3           style2

2) Pick your COLOR.

awningsColor is pivotal. You know what works and what doesn’t for your house or building. Whether you’re trying to drum up business for a shop or just welcome visitors to your home, the color of the awning can make quite an impression.

3) Pick your material.

We carry all sorts of fabric for our awnings to cover your windows, deck, patio, or business front. We also provide our customers the option of using aluminum for their awning, which provides a more durable solution than fabric, with a different look to it as well.

4) Pick your permanence.

Peoria Awning provides retractable awnings in case you want to soak in a sunny day once in awhile.

Awning repair

We care about your safety. Because of this, we service and maintain the awnings we sell to you. Ask more about this service when you call.

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